English Oak Leaf Tree Seat

The Oak Leaf Tree Seat is made from solid English oak.

It is an eye-catching, unique and beautiful addition to any garden. It is equally suitable for solitary contemplation as it is for relaxing with family and friends.

It is thoroughly oiled for exterior use and to enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain. 

It has twelve 10cm (4") by 10cm (4") legs which ensure total stability. They are 35cm (14") tall.

The two halves of the seat top are hinged, allowing it to be placed around a tree. Underneath and out of sight is a lockable padbolt for complete security. (Lock not included).

The tree seat top is 1.2m (4 feet) in diameter, including the central hole which measures 45cm (18") across.

The top is made from 5cm (2") thick oak which gives an overall height of 40cm (16").

Hand carved into the seat top ( as seen in the picture ) is the motif of oak leaves.

The price is £750.00.

Delivery and installation options to be discussed with the customer on placement of an order.

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