Curved Wood Sculptural Art .

Some years ago I experimented with the steam bending of timber ,  this loosens the lignin  [ the cellular  structure ]  in the wood  to allow  shapes to be  made using a pre cast "form".  After cooling  , the piece retains  permanently  its  new shape .

In conjunction with an artist friend , ex Royal Marine Commando Ed Astbury ,  PO5359OA , I have  created  these pieces of sculptural art . 

They measure 36" wide by 20" tall ,,, 92cm   by  51 cm ,,, and have 3 curves to give the    3D effect .  The wood  comprising the piece is 1 inch thick,,,25mm. They come with wall fixings on the back . 

The curved wood reminded us of a furled flag so Eds artwork was done accordingly, the British Union Jack in the style of American painter Jackson Pollock , and the Stars and Stripes both "normal " and in the same Pollock style. Whilst  the style  is the same  , obviously  every one will be intrinsically different and therefore utterly unique. Each one would be numbered and signed on the reverse.

The price of these  hand made pieces of art are ,

UK,      £225   including  Post and Packing to  mainland.

U.S.A.   $ 410    including Post and Packing to the States.

To order, please contact me directly using the contact EMail or landline number.

The Union Jackson Flag.

The Star Spangled Banner.

                                      The Union Jack.

                              The Stars and Stripes.    Pollock