Solar Light Shingle Fence Panel

Innovative and Unique.
Designed by Jonathan Steele.

Registered Design.

Only available from Jonathan Steele Products.

Solid and very strong. Every panel unique.

These panels are essentially the same structure as the shingle panels except that on one side ( garden side ) three shingles are replaced by same size polycarbonate shingles that can be coloured or clear/translucent at customer's request. Behind each of which, is an LED light connected internally to the photogalvanic strip on the top runner of the panel. This works on the same principle as the solar lights in gardens and comes on at dusk to give warm illumination to the garden or pathway.

As with the shingle panel, because of the various sizes of the shingles, there are hundreds of thousands of possible permutations. So, again, no two panels would be the same, thus giving attractive variety.The LED shingles, however, would be the larger shingle to give maximum illumination.

The panels are made to fit slots in standard concrete or wooden upright posts.

They are treated with light green or light chestnut wildlife friendly preservative.

Virtually everlasting - should a shingle ever need replacing they are available from Jonathan Steele Products.

Representative 6 ft X 3 ft solar light panel, showing coloured light shingles.

Representative 6 ft X 3 ft solae light panel, showing two clear and one coloured light shingles.

Pitch dark, three coloured lights.

Pitch dark, two clear and one coloured lights.

All the panels are 6' wide.

Panels 3' high are £70.00

Panels 4' high are £80.00

Panels 5' high are £90.00

Panels 6' high are £100.00