Innovative and Unique.
Designed by Jonathan Steele.

Member of the South West Inventors Group.

Registered Design.

Only available from Jonathan Steele Products.

Solid and very strong. Every panel unique.

Representative 3' by 3' Shingle Fence Panel - front view.

Shingle Fence Panel - cut away back view to show example of structure.

Shingle Fence Panel - side view.

There are half a million possible computations of the mix of 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" wide shingles. Bird nesting holes of 32mm and 28mm size are on both sides.

The panels are made to fit slots in standard concrete or wooden upright posts.

They are treated with light green or light chestnut wildlife friendly preservative.

Virtually everlasting - should a shingle ever need replacing they are available from Jonathan Steele Products.

All the panels are 6' wide.

Panels 3' high are £43.00

Panels 4' high are £57.00

Panels 5' high are £71.00

Panels 6' high are £85.00